Convolvulus vidalii is found in a restricted area covering less than 20 square kilometres. However, where it does occur, it is frequent. Its total population probably numbers tens of thousands.

It is well adapted to disturbance because it is a deep-rooted and potentially long-lived perennial that naturally occurs on unstable slopes. Agriculture is prevalent throughout its restricted range and disturbance associated with cultivation may even have benefited this species.

There is no indication that the species was once more widely distributed, nor that there has been any decline within its known area of occupancy.

Thanks to its ability to thrive in disturbed areas, it is unlikely to decline in the near future. However, urban spread in this increasingly popular tourist area, or intensive agriculture could have a negative impact on this species.

The possibility remains that this very restricted species could be threatened with extinction and as a result, this species meets the criteria for VU under the D2 criterion (IUCN, 2001).

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