Molecular phylogenetic tools have been used to confirm that Acarospora sinopica (Wahlenb.) Körb belongs to Acarospora s str - a group of lichens that are highly successful in extreme environments.


The taxonomic identity of the rust-coloured Acarospora sinopica has been controversial because it has a similar appearance to the non-rust coloured Acarospora smaragdula which belongs to another group of taxonomically tricky crustose lichens.


Endocarpon sinopicum Wahlenb. (1803)

Lecanora sinopica (Wahlenb.) Sommerf. (1826)

Zeora sinopica (Wahlenb.) Flot. (1849)

Acarospora smaragdula var. sinopica (Wahlenb.) A. Massal. (1852)

Myriospora sinopica (Wahlenb.) Hepp. (1860)

Polysporinopsis sinopica (Wahlenb.) Vězda 2002