Nectophrynoides wendyae (Wendy’s forest toad)

Nectophrynoides wendyae, Wendy’s toad, also known as Wendy’s forest toad, is one of the rarest toads in the world.

There is only one known population of Wendy's toad found in a site 300m x 300m in the Udzungwa Scarp Reserve, Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania. The site is above Chita at an elevation of 1650m above sea level.

Fortunately the toad seems to be common within this relatively tiny area (Stuart et al., 2008).

Species detail

Wendy’s toad is presently regarded as a member of the Tanzanian Nectophrynoides tornieri group but the relationships of both N. wendyae and this group need further clarification.

A distinctive species, N. wendyae cannot be confused with other members of the N. tornieri group (see under Diagnostic description and Lookalikes).

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  • Nectophrynoides wendyae

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Nectophrynoides wendyae

Nectophrynoides wendyae (Wendy’s forest toad).

© Michele Menegon
Nectophrynoides wendyae specimen

Nectophrynoides wendyae specimen. Given the endangered status of the species, any further studies should be on the type and additional specimens obtained by Dr M Menegon.

© Michele Menegon
Nectophrynoides wendyae

Nectophrynoides wendyae

© Michele Menegon
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