Conservation status
  • Wendy's toad is extremely vulnerable to extinction in the near future, especially given the recently announced extinction of the Kihansi spray toad.
  • IUCN Classification: CITES Appendix 1 species Nectophrynoides wendyae
  • Red List Category and Criteria Status: Critically Endangered B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii) version 3.1

Wendy’s toad is threatened through anthropogenic disturbance - habitat loss due to agricultural encroachment, wood extraction, and expanding human settlements, and the possible introduction of the fungal disease chytridiomycosis.

The possibility of Wendy’s toad becoming extinct has been evident since this species was first described some 20 years ago, the subsequent knowledge of its restricted distribution and the dangers posed by chytrid fungus have merely confirmed its highly vulnerable status.


Population decreasing

Management and Legislation
  • Already on CITES Appendix 1
  • Red List category: Critically Endangered

Practical measures are needed to restrict access and prevent disturbance in what is really a very small area.

There can no excuse for measures not being taken to protect this species given the length of time that it has been known to be endangered. Wendy’s toad should receive the highest levels of protection in practice as well as in law.