The distribution range of A.iberus is characterized by a high degree of isolation among its populations, the former continuous distribution having been fragmented into small isolated areas. It is restricted to the eastern Spanish coastline and into three biogeographical areas:

  • Catalonian
  • Levantine
  • Murcian

(sensu Doadrio et al. 1996).

Traditional information of its distribution range included littoral areas of the Atlantic coast of the Southern Iberian Peninsula. However, it has been observed that Atlantic and Mediterranean populations are genetically and morphometrically different and a new apecies, A. baeticus, for the Atlantic area has been described (Doadrio et al. 2002). Due to fixed genetic differences, independent conservation units have been established (García-Marín et al. 1990, Doadrio et al. 1996, Fernández-Pedrosa et al. 1995, Perdices et al. 2001, Torralva & Oliva-Paterna 2002).