Pest management

Spiralling whitefly is a major pest that has cost many millions of dollars in lost yield in agricultural crops across the tropics.

Biological controls 

Introducing natural predators of spiralling whitefly such as 

  • minute parasitic wasps 
  • insect predators eg. ladybird beetles 

has been quite effective.

The biological control of spiralling whiteflies in new areas typically involves 

  • a period of rampant population growth of the pest
  • ensuing agricultural loss 
  • reducing populations as natural controls take effect

Risk statement

The spread of the spiralling whitefly is an example of the failure our quarantine procedures.

Spiralling whitefly has conquered half the world despite 

  • thorough examination of legitimate consignments of living plant material (fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and ornamental plants), 
  • strict procedures for dealing with airline and ferry passengers who illegally carry plant material in their luggage
  • the spiralling whitefly being much easier to see than many other plant pests

Spiralling whitefly is running rings round Homo sapiens.