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We’ve arrived in Australia!

Caroline, Tuesday 26 September 2006

We flew to Perth on Monday morning and had another good flight – on Qantas this time. While we were in the air we saw some of the volcanoes in Indonesia and also a few thunder storms – the pilots had to fly around them to avoid too much turbulence!

We had to go through strict checks when we arrived, to make sure that we weren’t bringing anything into Australia that could damage the native flora and fauna. Because of its geography and the fact that it has been an isolated continent for so long, Australia has developed many unique species - koalas, kangaroos and the like. It could play havoc with the native species if people were to bring in plants or animals which then escaped or otherwise affected the local environment.

Perth is a lovely city. We’ve been very lucky with the weather, which is great for spring (it is spring here at the moment). It’s been warm, not too hot and very sunny.

Today, I met up with my friend Nardi, who used to live in London and moved back to Perth last year. She took me on a tour of the city, visiting Kings Park and also Cottesloe Beach.

Kings Park is the main park in Perth and there are great views across the city. There are lots of trails and paths in the park, as well as a huge range of plants and flowers.

Cottesloe Beach is about 15 minutes drive from the city and is a beautiful white sand beach. It is very popular with surfers and there were quite a few people surfing whilst we were there. I went paddling in the ocean and it was very cold – much colder than I expected and much, much colder than the sea around Singapore! I don’t think I will be going swimming while I’m here!

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