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Meteorite strewnfield

Caroline, Thursday 19 October 2006

We were up bright and early today at our usual getting-up time of about 5.15am. After we had breakfast and got the camp ready we left for more filming and meteorite hunting around Camel Donga.

All of the meteorites here are related to each other and came from the same parent meteoroid, which broke up as it came through the atmosphere to form a shower of stones. These stones are scattered along a line about 7km long, which is known as a ’strewnfield’.

Strewnfield © Caroline Smith

Strewnfield © Caroline Smith

We started our usual searching method, where we go in a line spread over approximately 50m and walk along together, searching the ground in front of us and between us.
We were feeling confident and very soon after starting we found some lovely tektites. After about half an hour the BBC turned up to do more filming with Phil. I stopped to have some water and glanced down and I couldn’t believe it, I was standing just next to small piece of Camel Donga, the first one we found that day! Even with the breaks for filming we managed to find eight pieces of Camel Donga and quite a few tektites so we were really pleased.

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