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Wildlife - and the BBC

Caroline, Friday 13 October 2006

We’ve been travelling quite a bit through the desert. The roads aren’t that bad (relatively speaking)! There are patches where we can get up to 30mph, but most of the time it’s quite rocky and we try to keep it under 20mph. We’ve seen a whole variety of wildlife, including camels and dingos.

Camel in the Nullarbor Desert © Caroline Smith

Camel in the Nullarbor Desert © Caroline Smith

There are also lots of kangaroos, but it’s difficult to get a reasonable picture because they always start to run away any time they see the cars within a couple of miles of them! They are weird and interesting to watch as they jump along. They’re very speedy, but it does look like a tiring way to get about.

We’ve now arrived at Forrest, where we’re meeting up with some BBC people who are filming a documentary. Forrest is an amazing place, with an airstrip and six bungalows where people can stay. Darryl and Lynn, who run the place, also provide meals and sundries. Forrest even has postal services – a rare find in the middle of a desert.

Tonight we’ll sleep in real beds and we’ve all had a shower - just the most amazing thing after you’ve not had one for a few days. Tomorrow we head out again, with the BBC people who’ll be filming along the way.

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