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Final preparations

Caroline, Tuesday 3 October 2006

Yesterday was a national holiday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, so Kalgoorlie was very quiet. We went to the DIY warehouse to buy more equipment for when we’re in the desert. We need a huge amount of jerry cans – not just for petrol and diesel but for water, because we have to bring enough to cover all we need for drinking and cooking.

Today started very early, with all four of us catching up on email and other work-related items back in the real world.

We then went and picked up our second car. This one’s a ‘ute’ – a 4WD that has an open bed in the back for carrying our massive supply of the jerry cans.

The town was much busier today and we could begin to understand that this really is one of the major towns in Western Australia. We went shopping for food for our trip, and then spent a lot of time organising and packing everything. We even had to pack all of our vegetables individually in newspaper to help to stop them bruising and going rotten.

We’ll be starting off early tomorrow for our five hour trip to Kanandah, our first location out in the Nullarbor!

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