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Almost there

Gretchen, Thursday 28 September 2006

Today’s been very exciting. We picked up one of the 4-wheel-drives we will be taking into the field – it has a snorkel! This allows it to draw in air to the engine from roof level rather than road level, which helps to keep the engine cool as well as making it easier to cross water.

We then went to an amazing camping store where Caroline and I picked out some Swags - Australian outback single person tents - and other essentials for the field.

We ended up having dinner with some friends of Phil’s at a restaurant on the Swan River with a fantastic view of Perth at night (and during the day, for that matter). What a great view to end the day with!

More soon from the field. We have tomorrow and Saturday still in Perth with a few more things to pick up, but mostly we are ready to go. Just need to pack everything into the 4-wheel-drive and set out for Kalgoorlie.

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  1. Dr. D. Benedix says:

    It appears that you are having a terrific experience. Love the photos. Hope you are well.

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