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Here we are in Perth

Gretchen, Wednesday 27 September 2006

We arrived here on Monday, and met up with Phil Bland at the airport. Phil’s our colleague from Imperial College who’ll be joining us on the search for meteorites. He’d flown direct from London and so was feeling a bit more jet lag that we were. We got to our respective hotels in Perth on that night and settled in for a not-so-restful night’s sleep.

On Tuesday I also met Martin Towner, the other member of our meteorite search. He’s from the Open University in Milton Keynes and he too had arrived on Monday night.

Caroline and I then went to have lunch with Professor Alex Bevan, from the Western Australia Museum where he’s the meteorite curator/researcher. I had corresponded with him when I was a PhD student in Hawaii, so it was very nice to finally meet him in person.

Gretchen with the Mundrabilla meteorite © Gretchen Benedix

Gretchen with the Mundrabilla meteorite © Gretchen Benedix

I returned to the Museum this morning and spent quite a bit of time looking at their meteorite exhibit. One of the most exciting things for me was to be able to see the main mass (the largest piece) of the Mundrabilla iron meteorite. I worked on this meteorite for my PhD – it’s one of the largest meteorites on display in any museum in the world.

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