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We’re on our way

Gretchen, Sunday 24 September 2006

Here we are in Singapore! I’m relieved not to be feeling too bad - usually, when travelling east I get the worst jet lag, but we had a fantastic night’s sleep on the flight. Still, it’s always a bit of a shock to the body to fly this far.

Singapore’s really interesting. It’s East Asian and tropical and reminds me very much of Hawaii, where I spent four years at the university getting my PhD. The food’s great and it’s interesting to note how clean everything is.

We spent some time in Orchard Street, the big shopping area, where many of the stores were very familiar (including a Marks & Spencer).

But we spent most of our time wandering along Changi Beach, near our hotel. Again, it reminded me of Hawaii, even down to the fragrance of the orchids, plumeria and other flowers, as well as the beaches.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Perth, to get ready for hunting the meteorites

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