The scientific process

The work of scientists can be very diverse. Research can take place in the field or in the lab, and methods of analysing results are advancing all the time as modern technology makes new things possible. 

For example, we can now date rocks more accurately than we used to be able to. Also, the study of DNA lets us work out relationships between organisms in a new way.

But whatever technology scientists are using, they all follow certain key principles. Find out more about the scientific method, why it is used, and what goes wrong when it is ignored.

Piltdown Man hoax

Men studying the Piltdown skull, painting by John Cooke, 1915 © Geological Society of London

Once believed to be the 'missing link' between apes and humans, Piltdown Man was exposed as an audacious fraud.

Find out about the key suspects and research that could finally reveal the truth.

Investigate the hoax and suspects

Read news on the research

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