Life scientists

Life science at the Museum covers a diverse range of subjects, including butterflies, parasites, orchids and algae. Meet some of our researchers and curators.

  • Jon Ablett
    Jon Ablett

    Our mollusc curator looks after everything from Vietnamese land snails to giant squid, participating in the stories of our collections.

  • Fred Rumsey
    Dr Fred Rumsey

    Our UK plant expert can find small and hidden species and also works to conserve rare plants.

  • Adrian Glover
    Dr Adrian Glover

    Our deep-sea biodiversity expert explores remote oceans of the world, finding unusual creatures on whale bones, isolated seamounts and in the deep Antarctic.

  • Martin Hall
    Dr Martin Hall

    Our parasitic fly expert looks at larvae and maggots to help in murder investigations and to fight disease.

  • Mark Spencer
    Dr Mark Spencer

    Our herbariums curator scours the archives for evidence of climate change and invasive species, and even helps the police with criminal cases.

  • Eric McAlister
    Dr Erica McAlister

    Our fly curator tries to repair the reputation of these much-maligned insects and uses them in novel research projects.

Microtus agrestis, field vole.
Life sciences news

Follow our blogs for the latest news from our Life Sciences Department, including updates from the field.