Earth scientists

Earth science at the Museum covers a diverse range of subjects, including Mars, mammoths, climate change and human evolution. Meet some of our researchers and curators.

  • Dr Adrian Lister
    Prof Adrian Lister

    Our ice age mammal expert deals with everything from sabre-tooth tigers to mammoths and their modern cousins the elephants.

  • Dr Julian Pender Hume
    Dr Julian Pender Hume

    Our extinct bird expert can not only describe how the dodo and its cousins lived, but can paint accurate portraits of them too.

  • Dr Paul Barrett
    Prof Paul Barrett

    Our dinosaur detective can look at a skull and tell you everything about how a dinosaur ate, saw and smelled.

  • Dr Caroline Smith
    Dr Caroline Smith

    Our meteorite curator looks after specimens from across the solar system and plans missions to collect more.

  • Chiara Maria Petrone
    Dr Chiara Maria Petrone

    Our volcano expert risks eruptions to get inside the minds of volcanoes and find out what makes them tick.

  • Chris Stringer
    Prof Chris Stringer

    Our human origins expert studies bones and artifacts to find out how our ancestors and other human species lived and spread across the world.

  • Sara Russell
    Prof Sara Russell

    Our extraterrestrial materials expert uses meteorites and dust to probe the early solar system.

  • Heather Bonney
    Dr Heather Bonney

    Our human remains expert can tell a lot about a person's identity and life from their bones.

  • Joe Michalski
    Dr Joe Michalski

    Our Mars expert looks at the surface of Mars and similar environments on Earth to determine how the red planet formed.

  • Emma Bernard
    Emma Bernard

    Our fossil fish curator looks after a huge diversity of creatures over millions of years of Earth history.

  • Zoë Hughes
    Zoë Hughes

    Our fossil brachiopod and cephalopod curator collects stunning examples of some of life's most diverse organisms.

Diplodocus carnegii.
Earth sciences news

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