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Roots and Herbs

Exploring Jamaica's plant heritage

One of the great treasures looked after by the Museum is a collection of about 800 Jamaican plants. The plants were collected and described by a young English doctor called Hans Sloane around 320 years ago between 1687 and 1689.

We've been working with Caribbean people in London to discover more about the plants Sloane collected and how they're used today. We've found out that some are still used in the same ways he described more than 300 years ago. Others seem to have been forgotten. Or have they?

Jamaican plants
Jamaican plants

Discover how these plants were used in Sloane's time and compare their modern day uses.

Sloane in Jamaica
The Sloane connection

Why did Sloane collect plants? Read about Sloane's time in Jamaica and about the important plant collection at the Museum.


There are links to the glossary on all of the plant pages to help you understand Sloane's terminology.

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