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Walking with woodlice 2001

Woodlice found by scientists in 1985


These distribution maps were made by scientists in 1985. Reproduced here by kind permission from: Woodlice in Britain and Ireland: distribution and habitat, by Harding and Sutton


All records Androniscus dentiger

Armadillidium depressum

Armadillidium nasatum

Armadillidium vulgare

Cyclisticus convexus

Ligia oceanica

Ligidium hypnorum

Oniscus asellus

Philoscia muscorum

Playarthrus hoffmanneggi

Porcellio dilatatus

Porcellio scaber Porcellio spinicornis

Porcellioinides pruinosus

Trachelipus rathkei

Trichoniscus pusilus

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