British earthworm survey

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There are 27 species of earthworm in the UK, ranging from 2cm to 35cm in length, but scientists don't have a clear picture of their numbers or distribution. Watch the video to find out about the survey they are running to help fill in the gaps.

Members of the public can help to complete the picture by taking part in a nationwide earthworm survey. The survey is being run by OPAL, the Open Air Laboratories Network, which aims to inspire the next generation of nature-lovers by getting them to explore their local environment.

Earthworms are an important part of British natural history because they add air to the soil and make it richer in nutrients. The survey results will provide more information about the types of soil that different earthworms live in.

The survey is open to everyone and, if you want to take part, you'll be given an easy-to-use identification key to help identify your earthworms.

Take part in the OPAL soil and earthworm survey