The adult cockchafer beetle 

  • is about 25-30mm long
  • has short feelers on its black head 
  • has a hairy body
  • has non-hairy reddish-brown wing cases (when seen with the naked eye)


Melolontha melolontha has a similar-looking but smaller relative that appears later in the year called the summer chafer, Amphimallon solstitialis. On average, summer chafers are about 13mm long, half the size of cockchafers. 

This beetle also has a hairy body under reddish-brown wing cases but has long, sparsely arranged hairs (when seen with a hand lens or magnifying glass).


Melolontha melolontha (Fabricus, 1775)

Empire   Eukaryota
 Kingdom   Animalia
   Phylum   Arthropoda
Class   Insecta
Order   Coleoptera
Family   Scarabaeidae
Subfamily   Melolonthinae
Genus   Melolontha
Species   melolontha