Augmented reality Neanderthal

See a 3D animated Neanderthal

Neanderthals, Homo neanderthalensis, are thought to be our closest relatives. They overlapped with modern humans, Homo sapiens, in Europe from about 45,000 years ago until they died out around 39,000 years ago.

Now, with augmented reality (AR) you can bring one of these skilled hunter-gatherers to life in your room. You will need a webcam and a printer.

If you’re unable to see the AR, watch our animation of a Neanderthal

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Getting started

  1. Download and print the AR marker on the right.
  2. Enable your webcam.
  3. Place your printed AR marker on a flat surface, or hold it flat in your palm with the entire square in view of the webcam.
  4. Press the Start button.
Download AR marker