Human evolution

We humans have been so successful in spreading across the world and changing our habitat to suit ourselves that it is sometimes easy to forget that we are animals too. But how did we separate from the other great apes, and where did modern humans first evolve? Find out the answers to these intriguing questions and much more. 

  • Museum scientist Chris Stringer holding a hominid skull
    How modern humans evolved

    Explore the early origins of our species, Homo sapiens, and find out how recent discoveries are shaping the understanding of where and when our species evolved.

  • Model reconstructions of hominin (human-like) species
    Meet our early human family

    We are part of an extended evolutionary family tree, but just who were our early relatives? Find out what we know about them, from their looks and lifestyle, to when and where they lived.

  • Reconstruction of a group of modern humans like those who lived in Britain about 15,000 years ago
    Humans in Britain

    Unearth the discoveries and scientific investigations that reveal the story of humans in Britain.

  • Human skull-cup
    Human evolution in the news

    Keep up to date with the most recent research and discoveries that are adding to the understanding of our ancient past.

  • How a Neanderthal man may have looked
    Human evolution interactives

    Investigate human evolution for yourself with the help of these interactives. Compare 3D skulls, bring a Neanderthal to life with augmented reality, and more.

Neil Bowman showing his fossil discoveries to Museum archaeologist Simon Parfitt

New video: Clues to Britain’s own ancient Atlantis

A treasure trove of fossils found on a UK beach could point scientists to the world's oldest undersea archaeological site.

Museum archaeologist Simon Parfitt discusses the finds.

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