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Access to information

Access: information

Some of a scientist's time is spent telling others what they have learned. Our role is to ensure that our knowledge about the natural world is available to the people who need it.

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We receive enquiries every day from the public, commercial companies, official bodies, other museums and scientific institutions.

They range from questions about careers or how to get rid of moles in the garden, to requests from HM Customs and Excise who need us to identify an imported foreign foodstuff.

Access: publishing

Guides, research papers and books are all products of the scientific and academic work being carried out at the Museum.

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Guides that allow people to identify living things are a normal product of a taxonomist's work. We aim to make our knowledge available to anyone who might be interested, from a rambler wanting to identify a flower to a scientist needing to make a detailed identification of a rare beetle.

Access: virtual

Many countries face great environmental challenges. The internet is becoming the fastest and cheapest way to deliver the knowledge they need to conserve their natural resources.