Taking action against climate change

We all use energy for everyday purposes, like heating our homes and travelling to work, and this contributes to the problem of climate change. However, most of us could reduce our impact significantly by making small changes to our homes and lifestyle.

Find out what practical steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact and prevent global warming from getting out of control.

  • Cooling towers at a coal-fired power station.
    How to reduce your carbon footprint

    How big can the average person's carbon footprint be without causing climate change to escalate?  And how big is your carbon footprint now? Find out here.

  • A thermostat showing the optimum temperature for the home.
    Saving energy

    Find out how much energy and money you can save with simple measures like using energy saving appliances and finding a green energy supplier.

  • A cycle lane on a British road.
    Travel and transport

    Find out which are the most energy-efficient types of transport and how you can get from A to B without adding to carbon emissions.

  • Plastic bottles that have been used for bottled water.
    Buying habits - food and other consumables

    Find out how your diet, the food you buy and where you buy it from have an effect on climate change.

  • Falmouth was one of the first transition towns in the UK.
    Local initiatives

    There are many local groups you can join that are trying to make their community more sustainable. Find out about sources of advice and support for your group and initiatives to get involved in.

  • The cocoon and visitors in the surrounding atrium, in the Museum's new Darwin Centre
    What is the Museum doing?

    Find out about the variety of ways the Museum is cutting its carbon footprint, including building its own on-site power plant, and using local Portland stone in the ground-breaking Darwin Centre.