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Agglomerate pyroclastic
Agglomerate pyroclastic
Amphibolite garnet amphibolite
Amphibolite garnet amphibolite
Amphibolite Lochinver amphibolite
Andesite intermediate lava
Anorthosite feldspathic rock
Basalt amygdaloidal basalt
Basalt amygdaloidal basalt
Basalt porphyritic basalt
Clay ball clay
Clay Barton Clay
Clay Barton Clay
Clay boulder clay
Clay Bouldnor shell bed
Clay Fuller's Earth
Clay Gault Clay
Clay London Clay
Clay Oxford Clay
Clay Reading mottled clay
Clay Woolwich shelly clay
Coal gas coal
Concretion black chert
Concretion flint nodule
Concretion magnesium limestone
Concretion Rhynie Chert
Concretion septarian nodule
Concretion septarian nodule
Conglomerate Benan conglomerate
Conglomerate Blackheath Pebble Bed
Conglomerate Brockram
Conglomerate Bunter Pebble Bed
Conglomerate Denbigh Grit
Conglomerate glacial moraine
Conglomerate Haggis grit
Conglomerate Hertfordshire Puddingstone
Conglomerate Kesgrave Sand
Conglomerate limestone conglomerate
Conglomerate Llandovery conglomerate
Conglomerate Ludlow Bone Bed
Conglomerate mudflake conglomerate
Conglomerate Old Red Sandstone
Conglomerate raised beach
Conglomerate Rhaetic Bone Bed
Conglomerate Staines gravel
Conglomerate Stiperstones Quartzite
Conglomerate Torbay Breccia
Conglomerate Torridonian conglomerate
Conglomerate Torridonian conglomerate
Conglomerate Torridonian conglomerate
Conglomerate Torridonian conglomerate
Conglomerate Wrekin quartzite
Diorite intermediate plutonic
Dolerite Great Whin Sill
Evaporite anhydrite
Evaporite gypsum
Evaporite rock salt
Gabbro basic plutonic
Gabbro quartz gabbro
Gneiss biotite gneiss
Gneiss biotite gneiss
Gneiss felsic gneiss
Gneiss felsic gneiss
Gneiss felsic gneiss
Gneiss hornblende biotite gneiss
Gneiss hornblende biotite gneiss
Gneiss hornblende gneiss
Gneiss hornblende gneiss
Granite granophyre
Granite Shap Granite
Granite tourmaline granite
Granodiorite hornblende 'granite'
Gravel Thames river gravel
Ignimbrite welded tuff
Ironstone Ashdown Sand
Ironstone Northampton Sand
Limestone Ammestry Limestone
Limestone Ashburton 'Marble'
Limestone Bembridge Limestone
Limestone Blue Lias
Limestone Chalk
Limestone Cinder Bed
Limestone coral limestone
Limestone Coralline Crag
Limestone Coralline Crag
Limestone crinoidal limestone
Limestone dolomitic limestone
Limestone Forest Marble
Limestone Kentish Rag
Limestone Mansfield Dolomite
Limestone oolitic limestone
Limestone Pea Grit
Limestone Perrycot Marble
Limestone Portland Roach
Limestone Portland Stone
Limestone Purbeck Limestone
Limestone Purbeck Marble
Limestone Red Chalk
Limestone reef limestone
Limestone Sutton Stone
Limestone Torquay limestone
Limestone Wenlock Limestone
Limestone Wenlock Limestone
Marble forsterite marble
Marble Loch Tay 'Limestone'
Mudstone Mercia Mudstone
Mylonite sheared rock
Pegmatite graphic granite
Pyroxenite ultrabasic plutonic
Quartzite Dalradian quartzite
Rhyolite acid lava
Rhyolite spherulitic rhyolite
Sandstone Alum Bay sand
Sandstone argillaceous sand
Sandstone Carstone
Sandstone Chillesford Crag
Sandstone Drybrook Sandstone
Sandstone Earnley Sand
Sandstone glauconitic sand
Sandstone Hangman Grit
Sandstone Hangman Grit
Sandstone Holyhead quartzite
Sandstone Horsham Stone
Sandstone Lenham Beds
Sandstone Millstone Grit
Sandstone Mixen Rock
Sandstone mudflake sandstone
Sandstone Norwich Crag
Sandstone Old Red Sandstone
Sandstone Old Red Sandstone
Sandstone Oldhaven sand
Sandstone Penrith Sandstone
Sandstone Pipe Rock quartzite
Sandstone Red Crag
Sandstone Sarsen
Sandstone Sherwood Sandstone
Sandstone Stiperstones Quartzite
Sandstone Suffolk box-stone
Sandstone Thanet Sand
Sandstone Thanet Sand
Sandstone Torridonian grit
Sandstone Torridonian sandstone
Sandstone Torridonian sandstone
Sandstone Tunbridge Wells Sand
Sandstone York Stone
Schist acinolite schist
Schist chlorite schist
Schist garnet mica schist
Schist glaucophane schist
Schist kyanite muscovite schist
Schist muscovite schist
Schist talc schist
Sediment North Sea
Sediment Thames Estuary
Serpentinite meta-igneous
Shale Lingula shale
Shale Llandeilo shale
Shale oil shale
Shale Upper Ludlow Shale
Siltstone Brickearth
Siltstone Caithness Flagstone
Siltstone Llandeilo siltstone
Siltstone Longmynd siltstone
Siltstone seat earth
Slate banded flaggy slate
Slate Delabole Slate
Slate Delabole Slate
Slate fossiliferous shale
Slate Lake District green slate
Slate Lingula flags
Slate Llanvirn slate
Slate Manx Slate
Slate Penrhyn Slate
Slate Port Mary Slate
Slate Skiddaw Slate
Slate Swithland Slate
Slate Tilberthwaite green slate
Slate Tremadoc slate
Syenite intermediate plutonic
Trachyte intermediate lava
Tuff bedded rhyolitic tuff
Tuff crystal tuff
Tuff lithic tuff
Tuff volcanic ash
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