The oceans

Oceans cover two-thirds of the world’s surface and are home to a great variety of species. Despite this, we probably know more about the surface of the moon than the deep sea. Find out more about what we do know and explore the range of different habitats underneath the waves.

  • Barnacles like these strain sea water for food with their modified net-like limbs.
    The deep ocean

    Earth's oceans are home to more species than any other habitat, yet we know less about them than the surface of the Moon.

  • HMS Challenger
    HMS Challenger expedition

    Find out about the voyage of HMS Challenger, which started the science of oceanography and proved that life existed on the deep sea bed.

  • Penguins
    Frozen oceans - weekly journals

    Scientist David Thomas spent 10 weeks in the middle of the Antarctic. Read about his adventures and the important research that he carried out with 50 other scientists.

  • Section through a black smoker chimney
    Hydrothermal vents

    Richard Herrington examines hydrothermal vents on the seafloor and their associated animal life.