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Fossil Folklore


Credits and acknowledgements


  • Text: Paul D. Taylor and Lisa Rosenblum.
  • Web design and compilation: Jason Webber.
  • Specimen photography: Phil Crabb.
  • Flat copy photography: Pat Hart.
  • Picture research and image acquisition: Paul D. Taylor
  • Illustrations: Deborah Fajerman.


  • David Lewis, Steve Baker, Sarah Long, Robert Kruszynski, Caroline Hensley, Alison Longbottom, Jill Darrell and Peter Forey for locating fossils for photography and/or commenting on draft text.
  • Andrea Leppard, Emma Davis and Hannah Powell for bibliographical assistance.
  • Chris Duffin, Ian Rolfe and Theya Molleson for discussion about fossil folklore.
  • Mike Bassett and the National Museum of Wales for generously permitting the use of illustrations published in Bassett (1982).
  • Ramesh Badve and Ajit Vartak for kindly providing images of Vishnu and a saligram.
  • Anne Wilson (St Hilda's College, Oxford), Katie Smith and Paul Ensom for additional images.


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