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‘Battle of the Bulge’ champions!

Ainslie, Monday 3 July 2006

Sarah playing darts © Ainslie Greiner

This week has seen the culmination of the most important sporting competition this winter: the play-off for the tenpin bowling championship. I was fortunate to be part of the winning Kiwi team of the ‘Battle of the Bulge’- that is the championship for the middle-order teams rather than for our expanding waistlines! (I’m sure some of you have read about Donna’s excellent cooking.)

We had to overcome three formidable teams. It seems everyone from America can bowl well, they were quick on the draw and could bowl from the hip with unbelievable precision. However, I suspect the preliminary lubricating drinks may have worked to our advantage on the night. The scoring was close, with no clear breaks, adding palatable tension to a fun sporting evening amongst friendly neighbours.

This Sunday will see the staging of a traditional midwinter run from the coffee house at McMurdo down to Hut Point (around 1.4 miles), around Discovery Hut and back. It seems mad in these temperatures, almost as mad as the polar plunge.

Looking forward to it!

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