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Birthday congratulations and general admiration

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                                                             Sea view rd,
To Dr. A.R. Wallace                                   7.1.13.

           Dear Sir,
                      Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this your ninetieth birthday, wishing you the utmost happiness & hoping that you may be spared to us a long while yet; I was glad to read in Mondays D.[aily]N.[ews] & L.[eader] that that [sic] you are still on the warpath, preaching more agitation -more determination, would you could infuse more of that spirit into own so- called leaders today; so that they in their turn could impart more of it to us the rank & file, for I realize that we all must do our part.     In saying how much I owe to you for the pleasure I have had in reading what you have given us by your pen, as naturalist, traveller, scientist, Socialist, Anti vaccinationist, I can only say that it is my sincere wish that you do not trouble to acknowledge this letter for I feel we cannot spare the slightest effort on your part from the more useful work you have in hand.
            I am yours respectfully
[signed]               Arthur Button.

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