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A seance with Fanny Wallace

Full transcription

        70 Lillie Road
          West Brompton S.W.
June 27th 1887.

Dear Alfred,
                   I write a thin note to enclose in one to John, as perhaps you will not be at Stockton when he arrives. - I received your letter on the 18th June, and the two papers the 24th. I was very much interested in all that they contained concerning your doings, I am glad you have been so well received in California, & perhaps you may have some more lectures to give before you return home. I am very pleased John was convinced , & converted, but it will take some time feel the ground firm under his feet, you know how long it takes to be perfectly sure of ones own apparent beliefs. I have never doubted since the first two names written under Mrs Marshalls table, our first séance together; I think I can enlighten you about the signatures Elizabeth Wallace was most likely my Father's Mother as she calls you Boys as my sister has always written her full name, Elizabeth Grenell Wallace & my father having been present  at the same time, it was more likely to have seen his Mother, who died when he was very young. How wonderful they should come together!! I do not know who the O. Wallace was, but there were many Uncles in Scotland. My Father had but one Brother I believe, William, a very tall man, but died young Papa was taken by his Uncle & Aunt Grenell, she must have been his Mother's sister & old Mrs Moberils[?] was another. The marriages between Mr Wallace and the Grenells is quite a puzzle for us now. John Gray perhaps is the old Dr. Gray that I used to go to see at the British Museum? When you were abroad, & and take your letters, & send to him he was most interested in you, & we used to have long chats together about your doings.    We go on in the same silly  way, no persons of any note coming, a few of the poor, & the Cow Boys from the American Exhibition, we  are obliged to do them all on half price, or we should not have them at all, I do not know what we are going to do, we shall see by March next but we must give notice at Xmas. We shall […..]

[part letter only]

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