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The Wonderful Century chapter headings

Full transcription

The Wonderful Century

I. x Advances in Locomotion.    (Dr. Darwin
II. Labour saving machinery
III. Communications ---  (Kipling)
IV. Fire and Light---
V. New application of Light - Photography.
VI.     [ditto]          [ditto]          Spectrum analysis
VII. Physics.
VIII. Minor Discoveries in Physics.
IX. The Place of Dust in Nature
X. Chemistry.
XI. Astronomy and Cosmic Theories
XII. The Glacial Period and the Antiquity of Man.
XIII. Evolution and Nat. Selection.
XIV. Physiology and the Germ Theory
XV. The Neglect of Phrenology.
XVI. The opposition to Hypnotism & Psyc. Research
XVII. The Vaccination Delusion.
XVIII. x The Vampyre of War.   [written in pencil] (Longfellow)
XIX. x The Demon of Greed - Millionaires. Destitution, Suicide, Insanity.  [written in pencil] (Dell p.108)
XX. Conclusion - the Century of Moral and Social Progress is to come.            

Poetical or Prose Extracts for Headings wanted to these chapters (not x)

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