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Attending the Cambridge University Natural Science Club

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                                Parkstone, Dorset.
                                   March 11th. 1894

My dear Violet,

I have been persuaded to go to Cambridge tomorrow to attend a Conservazione of the C[a]mb[ridge]. Univ[ersity]. Nat[ural]. Science Club - (500th meeting) and read a paper.  I am going to stay with Mr. Myers and shall meet Prof. & Mrs. Sidgwick They wanted to give me a degree -another "Dr.!"- but I declined with thanks!

I suppose Mr. Lund's party is to go next August or July so there is plenty of time. I dare say I can "stump up" half, as you elegantly observe, & take it out in Alpine plants. Ask him if he will take Ma as well, & then she can collect the plants & send to me.     

I met Capt[ai]n Burton several times,& once spent an evening, I think, at his rooms in London not very long after he was married. I was also then, at the Dialectical Society - when he read a paper, I think. Mrs. Burton is a fine writer - better than he was.  

We shall be at home at Easter & shall be glad to see Miss Lund. By all means get a better engagement, if you can, but do not do anything towards giving up Liverpool till you have received something else. the longer you stay there the better chance you will have of getting something good, as experience always counts for a great deal.     

I have got my "Social Economy" article - which Harris refused after it was set up & proofs corrected - sold for £.10. to form part of a book on the new Reforms &c.. but I shall not be sure of the money till I get it!

Of news here there is more. Last week there was a lecture on the Ober Ammergau [sic] passion play with Lantern Illustrations - 2/6 tickets, for Church &c. We all went thinking of course it would be good. At the very beginning the lecturer said he would devote an hour to preliminary matters, & another hour to the play. He began showing a view of the steamship he went over in! & told us the dinners were good!! Then views of Hamburg, & of some pictures in the churches there - All the time he was simply gabbling, almost unintelligibly, do after 5 minutes I got up and walked home. The rest staid [sic] of course, the room was crammed, but he "gabbled" to the end, only about a quarter of the exhibition was devoted to the play itself - so I was glad I cut it.              
Your affectionate Papa
[signed]               Alfred R. Wallace.

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