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Wallace sends Violet tickets for London Zoo

Full transcription

                                   Parkstone, Dorset.
                                          May 5th. 1892

My dear Violet
I send you two Sundays Zoo. Tickets & also 4 for any day. I also send one Bot. ticket I had of yours. If you put in the date I have no doubt you will be admitted. If they make any difficulty ask to see Mr. Sowerby, & tell him who you are & he will let you in.     

I think the breeding cage as you describe it, is worth the money. Rosa has got a good place in a family which has 3 houses, Bournemouth, London, & Scotland living part of the year in each, so she will see the world. We are going to have Mrs. Greensell's girl, who will leave though Mrs.G. does not want to part with her & gives her a very good character.

I have finished reading "Freeland". It is very good. As good a story as "Looking Backward" but not quite so pleasantly written- rather heavy & Germanic in places. The results are much the same as "Looking Backward" but brought about in a different & very ingenious manner. It may be called "Individualistic Socialism".

I shall be up in London soon I expect, to the first Meetings of the Examiners in the great science of "omnium gatherum". Then to the "soap plate" presentation.(as D.r Geikie calls it) Then more Ex[aminer] meetings. Then L. Nationalisation. I shall be quite sick of Babylon this year! The Horticultural Exhibition however will be a small solace. Also Bull's Orchid - also Kew!    

Busy.- your affect[ionate]. Papa
[signed]      Alfred R. Wallace.

[written vertically]

P.S. Kitty caught a rat, - & had the little one in the garden playing & smelling & licking it all day - so she is getting wild & will have to depart before mischief is done! Capt. M. Hall is at his son's. If you call on Sunday you can see him, & tell him about the Hedgehogs! Kind regards to Miss Macdonald.   
[signed]  A.R.W.

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