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Wallace's modesty at receiving a medal

Full transcription

                                 Parkstone, Dorset.
                                          April 3rd. 1892

My dear Violet

Next Wednesday Ma is going to Godalming to look after the house & garden & Will is going to meet her there on Friday, & they will come home together probably on the following Monday. Pray see the animal man at once and order 2 pairs of hedgehogs, & give him the address to send them as soon as he can get them, by rail in a basket "This Side up with Care". The book binder refuses to make any reduction; but never mind, I shall not employ him again.    

Have got J.G. Wood's book in the house. It is very good; I think the best book he has written, as his heart was evidently in it. It is a book of facts, as he says, & gives all you want to know about horses, their anatomy, their origin, their shoes, their hoofs &c. &c. &c. It is quite a big book. I have just finished my review of the Pampas book, & I shall send it off today. People will think I praise it too much. If you can come home this week please do, & bring Miss Macdonald with you, & we will have a nice little excursion or two before the others come.     

A dreadful thing has happened! Just as I have had my medal case made - "regardless of expense" - they are going to give me another medal! Hadn't I better decline it, with thanks? -" No room for more medals".!!
Your affectionate Papa
[signed]    Alfred R. Wallace.

P.S. A poor old man came here last night (Saturday) with a basket of primrose roots. Had carried them 8 miles couldn't sell one in Poole or Parkstone. Was 64 years old. Couldn't get any work to do. Had no home &c! So though I do not approve of digging up primrose roots as a trade I gave him o1/6 for them, - pitying him as one of the countless victims of Landlordism![signed]                                A.R.W.

A poor man was sentenced to
14 days hard labour last week for
picking snowdrops in Charborough Park
Mrs. Diane's!!! Shame!!!!
                           Pres. L.N.Soc.

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