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List of Wallace's publications before 1862

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Papers before 1862

Zool. Geog. of the Malay Archipelago(read 1859) (Feb.1860) Forum of Linn. Soc Law of Introduct. of New Species - (Sept. 1855) Annals &c. Some Account of an Infant Orang Utan. 1855 Annals &c. On the Orang Utan or Mias of Borneo.(written Dec. 1855) 1856 do.,, On the Nat. Hist. of the Aru Islands <Feb 1860> Jour. Linn. Soc. A new Kind of Baby - (Nov. 1856) Chambers' Jour. Letter on The Geog. Dist. of Birds (written Mar.) Oct. Ibis

Insects used for food by Indians of Amazon Pr. Ent. Soc. vol II (Read June 6th. 1853) N.S. Part VIII The great Bird of Paradise (Dec. 1857.) "Annals" Attempts at a Nat. Arrt. of Birds (Sept. 1856),

In all from 1850 to 1861 - I contributed 26 articles to Scientific Periodicals - (See old list) and wrote two Books - ("Amazons" & Palms")

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