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Darwin's notes on Wallace's Island Life book

Full transcription

[in pencil by ARW]
Notes have been recorded in text.  

[in pen ARW]      Darwin's notes on  "Island Life"

[in pen by Darwin]
p 46 - I am sure that I have read of a Mus from Viti Is[lan]d but this may have been introduced. I am nearly sure that Günther has described mammals from New Hebrides, & French-men from New Caledonia, but perhaps you w[oul]d hardly call latter oceanic is[lan]d
p68 I must heartily concur about separated genera of canis[?] family: I cautioned Günther on this <….> account before he published his Tortoise paper.

p72 You probably know more than I do about distribution of land molluscs over Pacific, but I think there must be some far more effective means of dispersal than rafts or floating trees. Dr Gould showed how every inlet in to Pacific has land-shells. p157 I heartily agree about N. Zealand. When Hutton speaking of the extinction of all temperate forms during a <…> glacial period, he overlooks probability (as it seems to me) of former land (or approximate[?]islands) communication[?] to the north, whence, as I suspect, N.[ew] Zealand was formerly[?] stocked.

p172 Is it not rather rash to refer paucity of fossils to coldness [ARW: not to the point] of waters, seeing how wonderfully rich the bottom of sea has just found off the n. coast of Siberia, - not to mention the abyssal regions of the great oceans. May not paucity be due to the stirring up of the bottom by <gla> icebergs?

[WP6/4/1 (f1)]

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