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Wallace and the land nationalisation movement

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                 Broadstone, Wimbourne
                         Feb[ruar]y.  18th  1905.
My dear Will
                       I send you a Curious little booklet about Welsh antiquities &c. (which perhaps you may have had as it came from a photo. store), also a card from Mac. with nothing on it but that he is alive!

I had a letter from a man at Newcastle the other day. I had had sent me a very clever little book called The Opportunity of Liberalism, from the publisher-author - Brougham Villiers. It discussed what the Liberal Government (when it comes) could & could not do, discussed the condition of agriculture very well and apparently with some knowledge & thought, - & in referring to my views on the Land Question, made a mistake in thinking that on the point of compensation &c. the L.N. Society views whose the same as mine. So I wrote to him to correct his error, and tell him that I admired his book. The other day I had a letter apologising for his mistake about me, saying that he too, was really a socialist and his wife a socialist and a spiritualist. Then he says they knew you, wished to be remembered to you, & hopes if you go to Newcastle again you will not go away without calling on them as you did last time! Then he signs himself "F.I. Shaw". 

Have you not seen your "handkerchief" friend yet? My "wife's" are rags! If not to be had I must get some friends to try & get them at Stores, or we must hunt round Bournemouth.

The architect has been and looked at the roof, & says it can be done, but will require care, - & that the raised octagon window will be a great improvement inside and out. He thinks it can be done for £100 about. I expect he will call again soon, with his rough plans. He took away most of our plans to work from. Violet has got a bad knee which the doctor says is serious - must not walk, ought to be in bed &c. so she is rather in a fire, as the kids want so much looking after. We have got Miss Pennington to help in the meantime

Your affect, Pa
[signed]   Alfred R.Wallace

[written vertically at the left hand side of the page]

I am grinding steadily at the book. Have done chapters on Lyell, Darwin, and H. Spencer and Huxley. Lots more to come.

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