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List of humanitarians

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The Chief Humanitarians of the Nineteenth
Centaury, in the Opinion of Alfred Russel Wallace

1. Robert Owen, of New Lanark, the truest philanthro-pist, one of the wisest and most practical of workers.
2 Leo Tolstoy, a grand writer, and perhaps the only true follower of  Christ.
3 Edward Bellamy, the first and best expounder of theoretical and practical Socialism
4 Robert Blatchford, the greatest English exponent of Socialism and Humanity.
5 Elizabeth Fry, the great Prison reformer.
6 John Ruskin, the great ? poet and ideal Socialist
7 Shelley, the poet of freedom and nature.
8 Walt Whitman, the poet and friend of Man.
9 William Watson, the poet of international justice
10 Edwin Markham, the poet of Brotherhood.

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