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Birthday congratulations and disagreement on socialism

Birthday congratulations and disagreement on socialism (page 1)

Catalogue number: WP1/8/28

Letter from H A Bulley, a member of the public, to Wallace sending 90th birthday congratulations and disagreeing at length with Wallace on socialism, dated January 1913.

Wallace received many 90th birthday greetings. In this letter, a Mr Bulley from Brighton congratulates Wallace for his services to spiritualism. He goes on to comment on an article Wallace wrote in the Daily News. 'On the subject of socialism, I deplore your utterances, and though a stranger to you I take the liberty of pointing out certain mistakes in your article.'

This borders on rudeness - it was Wallace's birthday after all! Bulley rants, 'the aims of the socialist seem wholly material, so it is surprising that a spiritualist can be also a socialist'.

Even at 90 years old, Wallace wrote articles and was ready for debate, as he was passionate about his beliefs. Such a letter probably would not have bothered him. Whether he chose to reply remains unknown.

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