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The Wonderful Century chapter headings

The Wonderful Century chapter headings

Catalogue number: WP1/2/108

List of draft chapter headings for Wallace's book The Wonderful Century, probably February 1898.

This is a handwritten draft of chapter headings for Wallace's book The Wonderful Century. It was possibly enclosed with a letter to his daughter Violet. The variety of topics reflects Wallace's many interests. Scientific topics include evolution, physics, astronomy and the glacial period.

A line under chapter 14 separates the successes from what Wallace thinks are failures. Topics such as The Neglect of Phrenology and The Opposition to Hypnotism and Psychic Research show that Wallace had some unconventional ideas that he pursued despite criticism. He changed the wording of some headings before the book was published. He inserted a new chapter to sum up the achievements in the Successes section, called Estimate of Achievements: The Nineteenth Compared with Earlier Centuries.

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