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List of payments for lectures

List of payments for lectures

Catalogue number: WP9/1/2

Manuscript list of payments made to Wallace for lectures across the UK, undated, circa 1894.

This list of payments was written by Wallace on a page from an accounts notebook. There are four columns, one each for lectures, pounds, shillings and old pence.
The list gives dates and locations all over the UK, from Glasgow to Cambridge and across to Dublin, between 1876 and 1894.

The list provides us with an idea of Wallace's income. The most highly paid event was in Liverpool (29 and 30 October, 1889) when Wallace lectured on the Colours of Animals. He was paid £31.10s (thirty one pounds and ten shillings). This was a very reasonable sum at the time. The lowest paid lecture was at Blackheath (in the West Midlands), in January 1881, paying just £5.15s.6d (five pounds, fifteen shillings and sixpence).

Money was always an issue for Wallace. He relied mainly on the sale of the specimens he collected from his Malay Archipelago expedition along with lecturing and book fees to support himself and his family.

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