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Notes on glacial lakes

Notes on glacial lakes

Catalogue number: WP3/4

Notebook pages on glacial lakes, with notes made on a visit to the Lake District, dated July 1893.

These pages from a notebook are Wallace's notes on the plants, geology and expenditure of a tour around the Lake District, England.

The pages shown here depict his thoughts on the formation of glacial lakes. Wallace calls his notes 'test evidence'. He formulates that if a lake was carved out by glacial ice, rather than by earth movements, the lake bottom would be a 'rounded contour...its variations dependent on varying grinding force of the glacier, & on varying hardness of rock.' Even while on holiday, Wallace marvelled at the natural world and tried to make sense of it.

Wallace wrote numerous articles on geology. Specifically, between 1893 and 1894, he wrote a series of seven letters to the scientific journal Nature, in which he gave in-depth replies to letters and discussions about the glacial origins of alpine lakes.

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