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Naming a spider Friula wallacii

Naming a spider Friula wallacii

Catalogue number: WP2/6/3/1(2)

Reprint of a paper by the Reverend Pickard-Cambridge naming a new spider after Wallace, sent to Wallace's daughter Violet, dated December 1896.

This reprint of a paper by the Reverend O. Pickard-Cambridge was sent by the author to Wallace's daughter Violet, following Wallace's death in 1913. The paper, entitled On Some New and Little-Known Spiders, was published in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 15 December 1896.

On page 1009 there is a description of the spider Friula wallacii.

Plate LII figure 2 at the back of the booklet shows a diagram of the spider.

Page 1012 has the following explanation of the plate:
'2a Profile. 2b Abdomen from behind. 2c Maxillae, labium, and sternum. 2d Lines showing natural length and width of Spider.'

The Friula wallacii spider, named after Wallace, is a type of orb web spider, and has a bizarre diamond-shaped body with two large projections sticking up and out from the back.

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