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Wallace's spiritualist certificate

Wallace's spiritualist certificate

Catalogue number: WP2/4/1

Certificate of Honorary Membership of the Central Association of Spiritualists, dated June 1882.

This certificate gives Wallace honorary membership of 'The Central Association of Spiritualists (with which is incorporated the British National Association of Spiritualists, Established 1873)'. The certificate is 'Reg no. 39' and was signed by the president of the association, E. Dawson Rogers.

Wallace first became interested in mesmerism and hypnotism in 1844. By 1865 he had researched spiritualism in depth and attended numerous séances. Spiritualists believed in life after death and the ability to contact the spirit world. Wallace, along with many other Victorians, took great comfort in such beliefs. He was convinced that the mediums he visited were authentic, especially when members of his family were thought to have made contact.

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