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Wallace's obituary in the journal Nature

Wallace's obituary in the journal Nature

Catalogue number: WP2/3/11

Obituary in the journal Nature, commemorating Wallace's life and achievements, dated November 1913.

Wallace died on 7 November 1813, aged 90. The scientific journal Nature printed this obituary written by the zoologist Sir Edward Bagnall Poulton. He puts Wallace's achievements into context and writes that 'the last link with the great evolutionary writers of the mid-nineteenth century - the men who transformed the world - is broken'.

Poulton also provides a wonderful summary of Wallace as a person: 'Wallace possessed, like Charles Darwin, a charming personality. He was tall, with a magnificent head, a strong, clear, and pleasant voice, a hearty laugh, a keen sense of humour, an intense and vivid interest in the most varied subjects.'

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