Cherry tree survey

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Watch the video above for tips on how to identify cherry trees in spring from botanist Bob Press.

The spring cherry tree survey has now closed but you can continue to survey cherry trees and other common UK street trees for the urban tree survey.

Find out how to do the survey

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in information about their local cherry trees. Your data is being analysed and will help Museum scientists get a better understanding of cherries in urban areas. 

  • Cherry blossom
    Identify cherry trees

    Use our interactive identification key, cherry tree factsheets and information on cherry tree look-alikes to help you identify cherry trees.

  • Cherry tree
    Results map

    See your cherry tree survey results and images on our map, along with all the other results submitted so far.

  • Wild cherry
    Findings so far

    Find out what your survey results have revealed so far about the popularity of particular cherry species and where they are found in the UK.