Cherry plum tree

This tree is the most easily confused with cherries. It is frequently planted, especially the purple-leaved forms.

Features of cherry plum trees

  • flowers: 1-3 in clusters
  • style: 1
  • fruit: 2.5-3cm long, skin with a greyish waxy bloom
Cherry plum tree

Cherry plum tree with purple leaves.

© Ted Kropiewnicki
Cherry-plum flower

Cherry-plum with clusters of one to three flowers.

© Andrea Moro
Cherry-plum fruit

Cherry-plum fruit.

© Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License
Flower with one style

Flower with one style.

Flowers in a pair

Flowers in a pair.

Fruit with one seed

Fruit with one seed.

Features of cherry trees

  • flowers in clusters with stalks all arising from a central point, or arranged along a short stem, or in spikes
  • styles: 1
  • seeds: 1
  • ripe fruit: less than 2cm long with a smooth apex
  • bark with raised horizontal lines or bands of pores (lenticels)
Diagram of a flower showing the stigma, stamen, style, petal and sepal