S to Y trees

Find out more about these trees and how to identify them, from service tree to yew.

  • Service tree flowers
    Service tree

    Trees in this group are deciduous and have leaves similar to rowans.

  • Spindle fruit
    Spindle tree

    Trees in this group have unusual and very distinctive fruits.

  • Spruce cones
    Spruce tree

    Trees in this group are evergreen and have needles spreading out around the shoot.

  • Stag's-horn sumach flowers
    Stag’s-horn sumach

    The leaves of this tree become bright orange or red in autumn.

  • Strawberry tree fruit
    Strawberry tree

    This tree bears its flowers and fruits simultaneously in the autumn.

  • Sweet chestnut fruit
    Sweet chestnut

    This deciduous tree produces the edible chestnut.

  • Sweet-gum tree

    Trees in this group can be between 10m and 30m tall, producing round fruit.

  • Sycamore leaves

    Sycamore is a well-known species of maple found in the British Isles. It grows into a large tree when mature.

  • Tamarisk flowers
    Tamarisk tree

    Trees in this group are deciduous, rather twiggy and slender.

  • Tree of heaven fruit
    Tree of heaven

    A fast-growing deciduous tree with colourful fruits.

  • Tulip tree flower
    Tulip tree

    Unrelated to the tulip plant, these trees can reach 45m and have large, cup-shaped flowers.

  • Walnut flowers
    Walnut tree

    Trees in this group are tall and spreading, producing the familiar walnut.

  • Wellingtonia leaves
    Wellingtonia tree

    A tall evergreen tree, reaching 90m when full grown.

  • Western red cedar cones
    Western red cedar

    A tall, evergreen tree with reddish bark.

  • Whitebeam tree fruit

    Trees in this group are deciduous, and they get their name from the pale undersides of the leaves.

  • Willow tree flowers

    Trees in this group are deciduous and medium-sized.

  • Weeping willow flowers
    Willow, weeping

    The smaller branches of this deciduous tree often hang almost to the ground.

  • Yew tree fruit
    Yew tree

    An evergreen tree with flat needles and red fruit.