L to O trees

Find out more about these trees and how to identify them, from laburnum to oak.

  • Laburnum flowers

    Trees in this group are a striking yellow when in flower.

  • Larch cone

    One of the few deciduous conifers.

  • Lime tree leaves

    This group of deciduous trees has sweet-scented flowers.

  • Magnolia flowers

    Trees in this group are noted for their large, white or pink flowers.

  • Maidenhair tree fruit
    Maidenhair tree

    Also known as ginkgo, female trees are less common than males as they produce unpleasant smelling fruits.

  • Manna ash flowers
    Manna ash

    These trees can grow to 25m and produce white, fragrant flowers.

  • Maple tree

    The trees in this group, including the sycamore, have fruits that are winged and in pairs.

  • Monkey-puzzle leaves
    Monkey-puzzle tree

    A tree with large, scale-like leaves and twisted branches. They are often planted as a curiosity.

  • Mulberry flower
    Mulberry tree

    These trees have bushy crowns and produce raspberry-like fruits.

  • Acorn

    This group has large, spreading trees that produce the familiar acorn fruit.