F to J trees

Find out more about these trees and how to identify them, from false acacia to juniper.

  • False acacia twig
    False acacia

    Also known as the black locust, this tree can reach 25m high.

  • Fig fruit
    Fig tree

    These trees produce the familiar fig fruit, but in the UK they often fall before becoming ripe.

  • Fir needles
    Fir tree

    A group evergreen trees, closely related to cedars.

  • Hawthorn flowers

    This group of thorny trees produces dark red fruits.

  • Hazel nuts

    A group of deciduous trees that produces the familiar hazel nut.

  • Hemlock-spruce cone

    A group of evergreen trees, growing to 70m.

  • Holly fruit

    A group of evergreen trees which can be found as shrubs, trees or hedges.

  • Hornbeam seeds

    These deciduous trees produce a small nut.

  • Horse chestnut fruit
    Horse chestnut

    The familiar conker isn't the only distinguishing feature of the trees in this group.

  • Indian bean tree fruit
    Indian bean tree

    This deciduous tree has distinctive fruit pods that release flat, papery seeds.

  • Judas tree flowers
    Judas tree

    This deciduous tree produces pink or purplish flowers on the trunk as well as the twigs.

  • Juniper fruit
    Juniper tree

    Trees in this group may have two types of leaves: juvenile leaves are like needles and adult leaves are like scales.